OK, I’ve been slacking!  I was reminded by a friend the other day that I haven’t posted in a few weeks, so I’m gonna catch y’all up.  I’ve been fairly busy with all kinds of things, just didn’t pause to take the time to post about them.

The House in the Horseshoe Historic House in Sanford, NC

I’ve really been taking advantage of being able to see and do some of the things in my own area that I just never had the time to do before.  There are so many historical sites and iconic places in NC, some of them not very far from my home.  My friend Anya and I made the trip to a NC icon – Southern Supreme Fruitcakes in Bear Creek, NC.  Now, before you roll your eyes with visions of sticky fruits in a dried-up loaf, let me tell you that this stuff is delicious!  It’s more of a nut cake with fruits.  If fruit cake isn’t your thing, they still have lots of other goodies like chocolate covered everything (pecans, almonds, pretzels, etc.), divinity, cookies, relish, jelly and tons of baked goods.  

Once we sampled multiple goodies and loaded up our purchases from Southern Supreme, we headed towards House in the Horseshoe historic site.  The house was built around 1770 and got its name from its location on a horseshoe bend in the Deep River.  The house was the site of a skirmish during the American Revolution that still sports bullet holes in its walls.  The homestead is simply stunning, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing.

Acorn in one of the bullet holes in House at the Horseshoe!
Christine and I at the Field of Honor at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC

I was able to celebrate Veterans Day a couple of ways.  Once with my friend Christine for a day in Fayetteville of touring the Airborne and Special Operations Museum, and once with some of the gals from the Southern Pines Litas (the girl gang 😊) by riding in the Southern Pines Veterans Day parade.  The weather for the day in Fayetteville was so nice that we were able to enjoy lunch sitting at an outdoor patio.  The weather the day of the parade was exactly the opposite:  temps were in the 30s!  We froze, but we showed up and represented!

Freezing at the parade lineup with Ryan, Rachel, and Jackie.

I continued my annual Thanksgiving tradition by having dinner with friends here in the Village.  It’s always great to hang out and catch up, but one of the highlights is the appetizer to the meal – rabbit ravioli!  My friend Jess has been trying to reproduce her grandmother’s recipe for years, and every year it gets better and better.  I have no idea what the original tasted like, but the dish she makes each year from scratch is incredible.  She makes the pasta by hand and fills each ravioli with ground rabbit.  I don’t know what else is in it, but her specialty is something we look forward to all year!

Thanksgiving meal appetizer! Rabbit ravioli made from scratch, with love, by Jess.

Making friends in the military is a double-edged sword – you meet great folks and then they move away (or you move away).  I don’t get to see my friend Daria much anymore since she and her family moved to Texas, so I jumped at the chance to head out to the Outer Banks (OBX) for a night to join them at a beach house they rented for the holidays.  It was so cold, but well worth bundling up to see friends and smell the salt air. 

Daria and I on a frigid, windy morning at the beach.
Winter beach at OBX
Grab pots stacked at OBX

I also got to pick up a new Christmas tree for my dock.  The December issue of Our State magazine featured NC made Christmas trees constructed of wire used to make crab pots (aka crab cages for my Cajun friends), so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon them during my OBX visit.  This 8-foot beauty certainly fits right in with the numerous other docks lit up on our lake.  

Crab pot Christmas tree by Fisherman Creations, Inc.
Lit up at dusk
Shining with the other lit up docks on the lake

That’s all the goings-on for now.  I hope you are heading into the holiday season feeling grateful and surrounded by loved ones.

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  1. I knew you must be busy! I missed your posts. Sounds like Southern Supreme Fruitcakes is good fit for this time of year.
    Great that Daria and you got to see each other again. But y’all looked pretty cold.
    Keep on trekking so I can trek with you! Hope you trek Our Way Soon! Hugs and Love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoy my posts! Our worlds are full of fun and interesting things, we just have to recognize them when they presesnt themselves. Looking forward to seeing you soon 🥰


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