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The Deepest Lake in the U.S.

After experiencing so many gorgeous bodies of water during my travels thus far, I decided that Crater Lake National Park was a must see. Everyone I’d met who had been there, put the park in their top 5 of all time. So, off I went to explore it! At its deepest point, Crater Lake is… Continue Reading →

The Marble Halls of Oregon

I have a confession to make.  I’m not a big fan of caves.  Yeah, they’re fascinating, and I can appreciate the artful hand of Mother Nature, but they run counter to three things on which I thrive:  open space, warmth, and sunlight! Nevertheless, as I was plotting my course from the Redwoods parks to Crater… Continue Reading →

The Pacific Coast Highway- Oregon Style

From Chris’ place in Beaverton, I dropped south for a bit before picking up US-101, Oregon’s Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, again, at Newport.  I started craving seafood as soon as I smelled the salt air, so I stopped in at South Beach Fish Market for fresh boiled Dungeness crab. The meeting of the chilly Pacific… Continue Reading →

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