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New Zealand Adventures Part 2: Cape Reinga and Waitangi

“It’s YOUR vacation, so what do you really want to see while you are here?” I’ve been a guest in new-to-me cities enough times to appreciate that you can’t saddle your hosts with the expectation that they will function as a professional tour guide.  It’s unfair to expect someone to magically know what you are…

Part 1 of Exploring New Zealand: Shakespeare Regional Park and Auckland

It’s hard to believe that it had been nine years since I’ve ventured outside of national borders.  I have been so busy exploring the contiguous United States after limited time off while I was working, that I just hadn’t made overseas travel a priority.  But when a friend I had not caught up with in…

A train ride to friends and history

I could feel the rumbling of the ground before I heard the warning horn that the train was approaching the first railroad crossing on the southern end of downtown Southern Pines.  I stood on the platform in the pre-dawn morning light and waited for the Silver Star to slow to a stop at its second…

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