Food and visiting on the Blue

There’s nothing like being back at my parents’ house on Bayou Blue.  It’s a place where eating and visiting has been refined to an art form!  There’s not much story-telling, outside of these photos, to be done about my visit.  I ate and visited for several days, and I left with my heart and belly... Continue Reading →

Houston- Home of Family and NASA

I jumped on I-10, after breakfast with Tanya in San Antonio, and sat back for the easy 200ish mile ride to Houston to visit a couple of family members I hadn’t seen in several years.  First up was an overnight stop at my nephew Philip’s place.  He and his girlfriend, Andrea, have a beautiful home... Continue Reading →

San Antonio!

I scanned the hotel breakfast spread in Fort Stockton, TX and knew I was getting close to familiar territory.  There, amongst the breakfast burrito fixins on the “Continental Breakfast” spread was a Louisiana staple- Community Coffee!  Oh, how it’s the little things in life that can bring a smile to your face 😊 I would’ve... Continue Reading →

Big Bend National Park

Named after the huge U-turn in the Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park is in a remote section of southwest Texas.  With only two, mostly desolate roads to access the park, it’s not a place you stop by on your way to somewhere else.  Whether staging out of the towns of Marathon or Alpine, it... Continue Reading →

Cousins and Aliens

From Holloman Air Force Base, I continued north on US-70, skirting the edge of the Sacramento Mountains to where it merges with the Sierra Blanco Mountain Range, to a town called Ruidoso, NM.  I had planned to travel straight to Carlsbad to see my cousins, Scott and Julie, and the town's famous caverns, but it... Continue Reading →

White Sands National Park

Two of the most relaxing feelings in the world, in my humble opinion, are lush green grass, or soft granules of sand, under my feet.  There is just something visceral about these natural, multi-component elements making the connection between the foundation of my body and the ground. Perhaps because neither are solid, I feel like... Continue Reading →

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