17,000 Years of Continuous Human Habitation

Across the Ocmulgee River from Macon, GA, lies the ancient grass-covered mounds of Ocmulgee (pronounced oak-mull-ghee) Mounds National Historical Park.  After having lived in Europe for a few years and walking through historical sites centuries older than my home country, I have an appreciation for the history of ancient cultures.  I had heard about age-old... Continue Reading →

Food and visiting on the Blue

There’s nothing like being back at my parents’ house on Bayou Blue.  It’s a place where eating and visiting has been refined to an art form!  There’s not much story-telling, outside of these photos, to be done about my visit.  I ate and visited for several days, and I left with my heart and belly... Continue Reading →

Houston- Home of Family and NASA

I jumped on I-10, after breakfast with Tanya in San Antonio, and sat back for the easy 200ish mile ride to Houston to visit a couple of family members I hadn’t seen in several years.  First up was an overnight stop at my nephew Philip’s place.  He and his girlfriend, Andrea, have a beautiful home... Continue Reading →

San Antonio!

I scanned the hotel breakfast spread in Fort Stockton, TX and knew I was getting close to familiar territory.  There, amongst the breakfast burrito fixins on the “Continental Breakfast” spread was a Louisiana staple- Community Coffee!  Oh, how it’s the little things in life that can bring a smile to your face 😊 I would’ve... Continue Reading →

Cousins and Aliens

From Holloman Air Force Base, I continued north on US-70, skirting the edge of the Sacramento Mountains to where it merges with the Sierra Blanco Mountain Range, to a town called Ruidoso, NM.  I had planned to travel straight to Carlsbad to see my cousins, Scott and Julie, and the town's famous caverns, but it... Continue Reading →

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