San Antonio!

I scanned the hotel breakfast spread in Fort Stockton, TX and knew I was getting close to familiar territory.  There, amongst the breakfast burrito fixins on the “Continental Breakfast” spread was a Louisiana staple- Community Coffee!  Oh, how it’s the little things in life that can bring a smile to your face 😊 I would’ve... Continue Reading →

Cousins and Aliens

From Holloman Air Force Base, I continued north on US-70, skirting the edge of the Sacramento Mountains to where it merges with the Sierra Blanco Mountain Range, to a town called Ruidoso, NM.  I had planned to travel straight to Carlsbad to see my cousins, Scott and Julie, and the town's famous caverns, but it... Continue Reading →

Beaches and Battlefields

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling a little restless.  Not a bad restless, but an “I need an adventure” restless.  So, after a morning of mucking (that’ll be a post for another day), I packed up the truck and headed east towards the coast.  I wanted to take my Harley and camper, but the weather... Continue Reading →

Easter Trip Wrap-up

Perfect way to wind-down at the end of a day or riding. I felt it while it was happening.  I wasn’t going to be able to keep the bike upright.  I pulled in the clutch and heard the engine rev in rebellion at the lack of throttle release, then leaned hard left and dumped the... Continue Reading →

Gulf Coast Cruisin

Saying good-bye to family is never easy, but my heart and belly were full as I rolled out of my parents’ driveway and picked up U.S. Highway 90 for a scenic drive along the Gulf Coast.  For the most part, Hwy 90 has run a little over 1600 miles from Van Horn, TX to Jacksonville,... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Houma

Mural in downtown Houma, LA “Who’s your family?”  I smile at the older man leaning against a post under his camp at the end of Louisiana Hwy. 56. “I’m a Daigle from Bayou Blue.”  I say my last name the way it is pronounced back home (dĕg, which sounds like leg) and I hear my... Continue Reading →

The Wildest Thing

It was a simple question, asked in reference to what I wanted to do with myself after retirement.  “If money and the opinions of others were no object, what would be your wildest thing?“ I surprised myself at how quickly the answer to that question came to me. “Ride around the country on my Harley,... Continue Reading →

Girl Gang Goes to Greensboro

Every now and then, an ordinary day turns into a perfectly aligned space and time of adventure and comradery.  An ordinary meet up with a few gal pals for a motorcycle ride ends up becoming an epic 300-mile, multi-day adventure!  Here’s how it unfolded. . . The Litas don't care what kind of bike you... Continue Reading →

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