Who the Hell is John Day?!

OK, I'll get to John Day in a minute, but first let me tell you a little bit about the area around Crater Lake before moving on. One of the things I learned at the Crater Lake Visitors Center was that, even though no rivers or streams feed into the lake, snowmelt that doesn’t spill... Continue Reading →

The Deepest Lake in the U.S.

After experiencing so many gorgeous bodies of water during my travels thus far, I decided that Crater Lake National Park was a must see. Everyone I'd met who had been there, put the park in their top 5 of all time. So, off I went to explore it! At its deepest point, Crater Lake is... Continue Reading →

The Marble Halls of Oregon

I have a confession to make.  I’m not a big fan of caves.  Yeah, they’re fascinating, and I can appreciate the artful hand of Mother Nature, but they run counter to three things on which I thrive:  open space, warmth, and sunlight! Nevertheless, as I was plotting my course from the Redwoods parks to Crater... Continue Reading →

Redwood Trees

On a narrow strip of coast along southwestern Oregon and northwestern California, lies a forest range of the tallest trees in the world.  The Redwoods National and State Parks is a cooperative management effort by the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  I rode the length of the park to... Continue Reading →

The Cascade Loop

Billed as Washington’s Ultimate Road Trip, this 440-mile Cascade Loop takes you from “the ocean in western Washington, over the mountains, across the desert of eastern Washington, and through the lush valleys in between.” There was so much to see and do on this route that I took four full days to do it! CascadeLoop.com... Continue Reading →

Connections of Two: Corners and VQ

My two major duty stations during my time in the Navy were with VP-17 in Barbers Point, Hawaii and with  VQ-2 in Rota, Spain.  I know, I know, those are really arduous duty stations!  For all the drawbacks of social media, it sure has been a great tool for keeping in touch, or reconnecting, with... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Washington, Hello Oregon!

Visited three National Parks (Rainier, Olympic, North Cascades)- CHECK Walked Pacific Ocean beach- CHECK Rode Cascade Loop- CHECK Attended women’s moto camping event (without actually camping)- CHECK Caught up with old Navy buddies- CHECK Made new friends (through homestays and random meets)- CHECK Visited most northwest city in contiguous U.S.- CHECK Ate awesome seafood- CHECK... Continue Reading →

The Pacific Northwest

As I finished up the Northwest Passage, I wondered how I could possibly top that ride and scenery. So, I stopped in at Hells Canyon Harley-Davidson before leaving Idaho for some local intel on lodging and routes.  Continuing on US-12, I crossed the state border into Washington and overnighted in Dayton.  It was almost jarring... Continue Reading →

The First 100 Miles…Favorite Ride?

The inevitable question always comes up in conversation with other bikers when they hear I’ve traveled cross country:  What’s been your favorite ride?  Similar to any other “favorite” question, my answer always starts with “Well, it depends…”  It depends on which aspect of the ride you want me to rank highest?  Technicality?  Scenery?  Weather?  Road... Continue Reading →

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