Birmingham Adventures Part 2: Birmingham Civil Rights Museum and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I headed east into Birmingham proper from the vintage motorsports museum to the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument.  Not just one statue or building, this monument encompasses about four downtown Birmingham city blocks.  Multiple landmarks associated with the American Civil Rights movement are located within this area, including the A.G. Gaston Motel which served as... Continue Reading →

17,000 Years of Continuous Human Habitation

Across the Ocmulgee River from Macon, GA, lies the ancient grass-covered mounds of Ocmulgee (pronounced oak-mull-ghee) Mounds National Historical Park.  After having lived in Europe for a few years and walking through historical sites centuries older than my home country, I have an appreciation for the history of ancient cultures.  I had heard about age-old... Continue Reading →

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