Food Trucks

To say I’m excited about the opening of a new food truck park in my town is an understatement!  I used to frequent one in San Antonio when I was stationed there and just couldn’t understand why more cities didn’t have one.  Rotating food and beverage options, bathrooms, play areas, and greenspace- seems like a genius idea to me!

Backside of Red’s Corner Food Truck Park and Beer Garden

Although I don’t think they’ve had an official grand opening yet, Red’s Corner in Southern Pines, NC has several trucks serving food while the permanent building is awaiting an alcohol license.  Located on prime real estate near downtown, the beer garden and food truck park boasts a permanent building with bathrooms and a southern style porch dining/seating area on two acres of easy access land.  In addition to the six food truck hookups, there’s a playground to keep the kids entertained, a cornhole game set-up, Adirondack chairs encircling a firepit, and several picnic tables to enjoy the food and outdoors.  According to their website, there will be “permanent” trucks as well as others that will rotate throughout the week and month.   Their website keeps the public informed of which trucks and taps are available each day.  What a great addition to the local food scene!

Tasty chicken adobo and lumpia from Mas-A-Wrap Filipino Asian Food Truck accompanied by a warm chocolate chip cookie from Cookies-N-Moore Food Truck 🙂

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  1. I’d be making my meal plans accordingly! I love food trucks too! Not many around my neck of the woods but on occasion they show up in areas not too far away. That meal looks delicious!


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